Fine Dinning

Experience a unique culinary journey with Hotel Margala. Dining at Hotel Margala is a rich blend of traditional and contemporary flavors. Our menu offers a wide selection of Pakistani, Chinese, Continental, Bar-B- Q, and seafood. Our kitchen is staffed with talented and experienced chefs and their culinary team. Hotel Margala’s dining hall seats XX guests and serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in a buffet style daily.

Authentic Mexican Cuisine

We serve classic Mexican specialties at our Margala Hotel Restaurant.

Authentic Mexican

Authentic Mexican food is vibrant, delicious, fresh and fun.

Mexican Grilled Chicken

Authentic Mexican grilled chicken, beef fajita wraps and Mexican chicken.


Pakistani dishes including Sindhi biryani, mutton pulao, Kashmiri rice, mutton karahi and grilled items.


Pakistani dishes including haleem.


Hotel Margala Restaurant and Buffet, featuring Barbecue boti tikka.

Seekh Kabab

Hotel Margala Restaurant and Buffet, featuring Seekh Kabab.

Sea Food

Enjoy a sumptuous seafood feast with Hotel Margala Restaurant.


Hotel Margala Restaurant featuring sumptuous seafood that are vibrant, fresh and delicious.

Fried Fish

Hotel Margala Restaurant and Buffet, featuring fish boti tikka, grilled fish and of course Lahori fried fish.

Fresh Seafood

Enjoy a sumptuous seafood feast with Hotel Margala.

Delectable Desserts

Hotel Margala’s signature desserts include unique and mouthwatering sweet treats such as kheer khas and mango soufflé..

French Praline Ice-Cream

Hotel Margala Restaurant featuring French praline ice cream.

Cream Cake

Hotel Margala Restaurant featuring heavenly slice of cream cake.



At Hotel Margala, we are dedicated to creating a consistently extraordinary experience in all the events we host. We strive to create an unforgettable experience for our guests and ensure that they go home with a story to tell!